Your Unique Life Path

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” is the number 1 regret of the dying.

And yet finding our Truth, our Purpose, for a lot of us, is the toughest challenge we’ll face in our life time. And mostly because we are too focused on the destination and not enough on how we are searching and how we are arriving there. Forgetting that

we need to search the right way – our way – if we’re to arrive at the right answersour answers.

Karmic Astrology maps out that journey for us. 

Our birth chart has a karmic axis which shows us where we came from (our past lives), what gifts and challenges we’re bringing over from those lives and where we’re headed – our destination, our True North, our calling, our purpose. The WHAT of our quest. It also shows us the WHY of our reincarnation into a particular life – location, family, gender, early childhood conditioning, culture, etc. While the rest of our chart is the map. The HOW of the journey – the steps we need to take away from our past and towards our highest expression. Walking that journey is walking our Truth. Making that journey – no matter how difficult at times (and it is meant to be very difficult at times) – is the best chance we have at dying a remorseless death.

If this resonates with you, my Karmic Astrology can help you live your Truth.

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The Readings

I do two types of karmic astrology readings individual karmic story (£100) & your love relationship karma (£150).

For both of them you will need accurate times of birth. If you have the time but are not 100% sure how accurate it is, you can still have the reading as long as you are ok with the potential inaccuracy.


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Your Stardusted Story

This is an analysis of an individual chart and their life’s purpose and the price is £100. You will get about 90 mins of audio files with the following information:

  • Your past lives and karma – who you were in your past lives, what kind of lives you lived, what gifts & talents you developed and how to use them, what unresolved issues you bring over and how those challenges can help you grow and fulfil your life purpose.
  • Advice on how to navigate upcoming planetary influences such as transits, progressions, and returns (Solar, Saturn, Jupiter) their opportunities and challenges for up to a year.
  • Best time in the year for you specifically to dream big – set your 12 months intentions, make resolutions and map your dreams.

Also, before I start analysing your chart I will send you a bespoke questionnaire – made specifically for you based on my preliminary reading – for you to answer. This helps me focus on what’s important to you and your life at the time of my reading – what challenges you’re facing and, more importantly, how you are facing them.

After you have listened to the audio recordings, if you need me to further explain and clarify my reading you can email me all your additional questions and I will answer them.


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Your Stardusted Love Story

This is an analysis of your romantic love relationship and the reading costs £150.

I use astrological synastry method to understand your compatibility and how you relate to each other as individuals. But I use composite method to understand what it will take to make your relationship work. This method sees the relationship as an entity in its own right, something only you two could have created in coming together. It also shows clearly your shared karma – the Soul Contract you two made before incarnating in this life. The kind of work you promised each other – and the Universe – you’d do together.

In my experience – of life & astrology – relationships fail because the work indicated in the composite chart isn’t done. And not because the two people weren’t meant for each other, or were not compatible. But simply because they couldn’t do the work the relationship asked of them. They didn’t feed it the nutrients it needed to be healthy and alive. So it died instead.

In other words, having a karmic composite chart reading could save your relationship.

But the real beauty of Soul Contracts i.e. your shared relationship karma, is that in working your contract you two are not just nurturing and growing your relationship but your individual Souls too.


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Client Love

I loved your reading. I felt like I was really being read. But also written. It was like a story of myself told by someone else. I was very moved by it. It was very deep. Nothing about it was superficial or generic. It was very me – it was like being given a very personal piece of sky that will always be with me. It gives you reassurance and inner peace – it says “this is me and the rest of the world can just go #*$#x# if they don’t like it” Also, I loved your voice – your voice tells people you care about them.

But I don’t think what you do is for people who read daily horoscopes and are just curious about astrology or the people who just want to know what will happen to them. It’s for people who appreciate depth, who want someone to see deep into them – see their past and their present.

O. R. K.

You bring lots of practical, earthy, grounded wisdom to balance the universal effect of planets and stars– and do it with humor, pulling no punches.  Stuff I had wondered about for years– decades, even– were answered by your work. Thank you!


I listened to all the audios last night and was left speechless. So much describes exactly what I am going through at the moment! And I love listening to your voice – with its intonation and emphasis you made the key points very clear. I also like how you divided audio files into sections. All in all, the feeling I had after listening to everything was awesome.


This kind of astrology reading you do is something so special and unique – and so important. I have no words to describe the feeling of hearing it all, letting it all sink in – thank you soooo much!! This was exactly what I needed – and right at the time I needed it! It’s opened up so many questions too which is again exactly what I needed. Thank you!!



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My DOs & DONTs

What you can – and cannot – expect from me

My readings are audio recordings only

I do not work on Skype, face to face or over the phone.

I find that if the client is present when I’m giving the reading there’s too much time wasted on both of us getting carried away with conversation tangents not pertinent to the client’s Stardusted Story. It’s always lovely to chat with clients, but it’s not the best use of their money and time. 

Also, like to take time to ponder the chart. I draw it by hand, study it closely for awhile then pin it up on the wall so when I go about my other work and chores it’s still there in my view revealing all sorts of sudden insights and clues to follow. As I contemplate your chart so, I also consult my many books always finding fresh angles pertinent to your specific story.

It’s important to understand that my readings are not predictions, just signposts for your Free Will to navigate your journey.  

You take full responsibility for choosing to follow my astrological advice.

I do not look at children or health (unless health story is strongly pronounced in the chart). 

I am not a parent and I don’t trust my way around reading and interpreting a parent-child connection.

As for health, I personally believe all health issues are emotional, spiritual and psychological in their nature and root cause. And this belief is what works for me. It is how I heal my own physical ailments. But this approach may not work for you and I rather you go to a health professional instead.

I do not do refunds.

I spend many hours over many days analysing your chart and recording my findings. My fee is for my time and for the work I do digging deep and wide to excavate your Stardusted story.

As a rule, I do not do readings for friends. The closer and older the friendship the stronger my NO is. Looking at someone’s chart is seeing that person stark naked including the parts they cannot – or do not want – to see. While I am fully clothed. It’s not conducive to a two-way friendship relationship where there’s equal give&take, reveal&conceal.